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Lindsey Gemme


Reiki Healing, Nutrition (NDTR), Life Coaching (SWIHA), Birth Support (CD[DONA]), Lactation Education & Support (CLC)


Specializes in: Reiki touch therapy (prenatal, postpartum healing, women's wellness), holistic health coaching



Reiki Master Certification - CAC - 2013

Holistic Nutrition Coaching/Life Coaching - SWIHA - 2013

Associates in Nutrition/NDTR Certification - CAC - 2016

Doula Training/Certification - DONA - 2018

Lactation Counselor Training/Certification - ALPP - 2019


Motivation to Become a Bodyworker: I've been drawn to natural remedies since a young age, and have always taken a holistic approach to my own healing. As I learned more about the body, I came to realize that healing is not a one-and-done pill or therapy. It is a full spectrum approach with physical (exercise, sleep, nutrition), emotional (therapy, mindset awareness, processing negative emotions) and spiritual (setting boundaries, self-care, time in nature, creativity) aspects. Reiki Touch energy healing can help set the stage for all of the above, helping to make it a little easier to take those steps toward wholeness.


Personal Bodywork/Energy Therapy Statement: As a holistic reiki practitioner, I provide opportunities for my clients to feel empowered again in their lives and choices by including lifestyle and nutrition coaching before sessions, to help guide my clients in supporting their own healing between sessions. My relationship with my clients is always a partnership, not a hierarchy.

Lindsey Gemme
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