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Millie Hanson


Licensed Massage Therapist, MT-22060. Millie has been in practice since 2014.


Specializes in: Medical Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Cranial Sacral levels 1 & 2, Swedish, Oncology Massage, and Hot Stone. 


Education: Millie has Medical Massage training in Anterior Scalene Muscle Syndrome/Thoracic Outlet, Rotator Cuff, Chronic Migraine, and Chronic Middle Back Pain. She is currently working toward full Medical Massage certification.

She has studied massage at The Science of Massage Institute and the Healing Arts Center in Phoenix, the San Francisco School of Massage, and the Cinta Aveda institute in San Francisco, CA. 


Motivation to Become a Bodyworker: I was graphic designer for 15 years and grew dissatisfied with trying to appeal and sell to large groups of people. I realized I wanted to make a real difference to one person at a time in a lasting and meaningful way.  


Personal Bodywork/Energy Therapy Statement: Helping clients by determining which approach/modality will be the most beneficial and scheduling follow up appointments to keep improving on their physical goals.

medical massage gives predictable results and can solve chronic pain issues that have lasted months or years. Come in for an assesment to see if this is the right modality for you. 

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