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Orlando Bermudez

Licensed Massage Therapist, MT- 23999. Orlando has been in practice since 2005 in the Chicagoland area working in a premier hospital fitness center, a chiropractic office and his own in home private client practice.
Specializes in: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, & Neuromuscular; all of which facilitates the release of soft tissue restrictions. These techniques are very effective to reduce neck, shoulder and back pain. They are equally effective in decreasing the restrictions of adhesive capsulitis also known as frozen shoulder. Orlando has been trained in "Unlocking the Thoracic Cage" which can decrease the discomfort of breathing for folks with asthma, COPD, and even lung cancer. For athletes, like runners or cyclists, increasing lung function will increase endurance and performance. 
Education: 600 hour in massage therapy from the The American Academy of Massage Therapy. 300 plus hours of continuing education in techniques varied as Visceral Manipulation, Tendinitis Palpation, Friction and Ice Cupping, techniques for knee injuries, Seated Release, and advanced myofascial techniques. 
Motivation to Become a Bodyworker: I was introduced to massage from a friend who was attending massage school at the time and I was her guinea pig. One day after graduating she complained about back pain. Not knowing what I was doing, I offered to massage her back and she guided me with explanations of techniques; offering tips. About 15 minutes or so into the treatment she picked up her head and said "you need to go to massage school". Two years later, she gave me a gift card for a three week course for massage at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy. I looked at her and said "wow, you're serious"! I signed up for class and after the first lecture we all partnered up to do our hands on. As I placed my hands on to follow the instructor leading the class, for the first time in my life without any doubt, I knew I would be a Massage Therapist!
Personal Bodywork/Energy Therapy Statement: Throughout my years as a Massage Therapist, I've learned to listen to clients so I may help them to the best of my ability and never doubt my intuition. For me, massage therapy is a passion and I look forward to using my skills and intuition each and every treatment to best facilitate my clients' comfort and recovery. 
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