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Osteopathic Manipulation (OM)


Osteopathic Manipulation  (OM) is the therapeutic application of manual techniques by a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) to address the changes in body structure to improve physiologic function. OM includes a variety of manual techniques.

*Percussion is gentle tapping to unwind the fascia, increase blood flow, and relax muscles. Dr. Pam uses a machine called the Foredom Massager that has adjustable speeds to deliver the constant gentle tapping.

* Cranial involves gentle movements of a few millimeters to the skull and sacrum to improve flow of the cerebral spinal fluid. The brain and nerves of the entire spine float in the cerebral spinal fluid. 

*Zero Balancing involves light touches to bony areas for 3-5 seconds. Bones contain the most energy in the body so touching them in this way allows energy to move freely to where it is needed. 

*Strain/Counterstrain is often referred to as "fold and hold". The body is folded around a painful spot and held for 90 seconds until the spot softens. 

*Muscle Energy is a series of movements where the patient pushes against resistance for 3 seconds at a time.

*Myofascial unwinds the fascia. Fascia is wrapped around everything in the body and can get twisted up into knots. During Myofascial Unwinding light touch is applied to the body to unwind the twisting. This occurs by gently pressing in the direction where there is the most looseness.

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