Pam Laubscher 


Pam Laubscher, DO #005093 has been in practice since 1992


Specializes in: Osteopathic Manipulation and Zero Balancing. She performs manipulations with slow movements which are gentle and comfortable.

Osteopathic Manipulation improves the following problems/issues: anxiety, back pain,

fibromyalgia, headaches, hip pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis pain, Parkinson's disease, seasonal allergies, sinus problems,, spinal stenosis pain, and stress.


Education: Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, DO Degree 1988

University of California at Davis, Family Medicine Residency 1992, Zero Balance Training 2013.


Motivation to Become a Bodyworker: My family received osteopathic manipulations from an osteopath in Cleveland, Ohio. I saw how much it helped my parents with back pain. After my treatments I couldn't believe good I felt. When I decided I wanted to be a doctor, I knew I wanted to do DO instead of MD. My favorite part of being a doctor is doing Osteopathic Manipulations. I stopped doing Family Medicine in June 2019 to create a practice where all I do is Osteopathic Manipulation and Zero Balancing.  


Personal Bodywork/Energy Therapy Statement: My intent is to help people feel great by relieving pain and enhancing well-being. It is an honor to assist people in their healing.